Launching the new HAHR website with a Forum on Albert Hirschman

We are pleased to announce the new website of the Hispanic American Historical Review. We launch the website with a new forum on the economist and intellectual and political historian, Albert Hirschman. This forum, based on reactions to Jeremy Adelman’s new biography, includes contributions from Peter Coclanis, Paul Gootenberg, Joseph Love, Richard Salvucci, and David Sartorius. We invite your comments on the forum, which has been curated by HAHR’s managing editor, Sean Mannion. Please also look at our new series of blogs produced by Latin American students, scholars, and public intellectuals. These blogs are unedited by us and intended to promote more conversations between Latin American intellectuals and those based in other parts of the world.

The new website was designed by Alberto Martinez, a digital initiatives librarian at El Colegio de México.

Pete Sigal, Jocelyn Olcott and John D. French, Senior Editors, Hispanic American Historical Review

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