Manuscript Submission
Please submit an electronic copy at Your file may be formatted in Word, WordPerfect, or Rich Text Format. You should also include electronic copies of all tables and artwork.

Our style is adapted from The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition. Citations should be made in humanities format, not author-date format. For more information, see the HAHR Style Sheet.

We accept submissions for review in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Articles in Spanish or Portuguese accepted for publication may be translated into English at the journal’s discretion and expense.

For more information on the criteria we consider in evaluating articles, please consult HAHR‘s editorial policy.

Publication Overlap
We generally do not consider material that bears substantial resemblance (that is, making the same analytical arguments on the same evidentiary base) to the author’s previous publications or to material that has been accepted for publication elsewhere. This includes similar articles published in other languages and book chapters that are pending publication. Likewise, HAHR does not consider manuscripts that are currently under review for publication elsewhere, either as a journal article or a book chapter. We are only able to publish approximately 12 articles of original scholarship each year, out of some 80 submissions and a field that encompasses thousands of scholars. We must therefore limit ourselves to considering articles that contain original arguments and data not available to readers elsewhere. Please let the editors know if you think there may be an issue with publication overlap.

Length Limit
Due to space limitations, we ask that authors limit their articles to 12,000 words, including notes, reference list, and illustrations. Articles that are significantly longer than the length limit will be returned to the author with a request to shorten the text and resubmit.

Visual Material
As we believe that the inclusion of visual material can enhance the production and dissemination of knowledge related to Latin American and Caribbean history, we strongly encourage authors to include relevant visual materials with their submissions. With our current digital initiatives, you may include all relevant visual material, and you can make that material interactive in an online format. If you have any questions about HAHR‘s digital platform, please contact the editorial office. If you wish to have the visual material included in the printed version of the article, we will need to take into account the number and size of illustrations when calculating the length of your manuscript. A half-page illustration is the rough equivalent of 200-250 words, while a full-page illustration occupies as much space as 400-500 words of text.

We accept initial submissions of accompanying images in most formats (including Excel files for graphic data). If your manuscript is accepted for publication, we will expect you to provide either high resolution digital files (300 dpi minimum) or original copy. Any originals will be returned to the author after the issue is printed. Image quality is a frequent concern; 72 dpi images copied from the Web or photocopies of newspaper photos, for example, reproduce very poorly.

Authors are responsible for working with the copyright holder (for published works under copyright protection) or archival repository (for unpublished works) to secure permission to reproduce images and cover any associated fees.

Direct questions about visual materials and/or the digital platform to the managing editor at

HAHR‘s digital initiative was conceived, in part, to allow for greater multimedia content in articles in which such content would enhance knowledge of Latin American and Caribbean history. We are soliciting articles that incorporate multimedia into texts in an innovative and coherent manner. This includes video and audio clips, interactive maps, and other relevant materials. If you are interested in submitting an article with significant multimedia content, please contact the managing editor at for more information on the required specifications for such content.

For Book Reviewers
The Hispanic American Historical Review does not publish unsolicited reviews. However, if you would like to be added to our database of potential reviewers, please contact the managing editor at

If you have agreed to review a book for HAHR, you may view our instructions for book reviewers here. Please submit your review as an email attachment to

For Book Authors
Although we routinely receive review copies from publishers, we welcome inquiries and updates from authors concerning recent or forthcoming titles. If you have published recently with a press outside North America, we welcome you to either encourage your publisher to send us an offer of a review copy at or to contact us about this yourself.

Due to space limitations, we are unable to review all the titles submitted to us.

Photo Credits: Fototeca Nacional del INAH.  Núm. Inv. 428058. “Indigenas rodean avioneta al pie de la pirámide del sol”