HAHR Editorial Policy
The Hispanic American Historical Review aims to provide an organ for the publication of historical materials relating to Hispanic America, which is taken to mean those Western Hemisphere countries formerly colonized by Spain, Portugal, and France, as well as the Philippines.

The journal receives far more manuscripts than it can possibly publish or send out for review.*  Thus articles that appear in HAHR should not merely be publishable; they should contribute significantly to scholarship in what is our field’s journal of record. We consider the following when determining whether or not an article meets these criteria.

  • Research: Is the research original and extensive?
  • Analysis: Is the author’s analysis innovative, sound, and well argued
  • Contribution to the field: Does the article represent a significant contribution to the field in terms of new data, methodologies, and analysis? Does it engage with the work of other scholars so as to advance current debate around a clearly defined research question?
  • Breadth and audience: Will the paper be of interest to scholars outside a narrowly defined area of investigation? Will it appeal to an interdisciplinary audience
  • Writing/mechanics: Is the paper well written, well organized, and well documented? Are the main arguments presented clearly and logically? Is the overall length appropriate? Are source citations thorough and complete?
*From 2008-2011, the acceptance rate of the journal varied from 13% to 23% of all submissions.