Origins of Capitalism in Mexico



-Curated by Amanda Peralta and Vanessa Freije, Duke University-
Capitalism is back in the news and its return to the Latin American history field is demonstrated by the 2012 award of the Bolton-Johnson prize of the Conference on Latin American History to John Tutino’s magnum opus, Making a New World: Founding Capitalism in the Bajío and Spanish North America. Intended to spark debate with its bold claims, this volume is an apt focal point for exchange as historians of Latin America discuss if and how the concept of capitalism can fruitfully deepen our understanding of the dynamism of Latin American societies since the early modern period. Returning to a subject that was much debated in the 1970s, we open this public forum with the review of Making a New World by historian Eric Van Young, forthcoming in HAHR 93:2 (read his review HERE.) We have arranged for seasoned scholars as well as participants in Jocelyn Olcott’s graduate seminar on Mexican history to participate in this forum, and we invite readers to comment on the book, the review, and the forum discussion itself.

Pete Sigal, Jocelyn Olcott, and John D. French
Senior Editors


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Author: Sean Mannion

Managing editor of HAHR

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