The Hispanic American Historical Review is published quarterly by Duke University Press in cooperation with the Conference on Latin American History and the American Historical Association.

Founded in 1918 at Duke University, HAHR pioneered the study of Latin American history and culture in the United States. Today it maintains a distinguished tradition of publishing vital work across thematic, chronological, regional, and methodological specializations. It is generally recognized as the preeminent journal in the field of Latin American history.

HAHR publishes peer-reviewed articles featuring original, innovative research and pathbreaking analysis. Each issue also contains a comprehensive book review section, which provides commentary on every facet of scholarship on Latin American history and culture. The journal periodically publishes special features, such as forums and special issues.

Please look to the News/Events page of this website for further information, forums, and blogs dedicated to the development of HAHR‘s digital community on Latin American and Caribbean history.


Martha Few, Pennsylvania State University
Zachary Morgan, Pennsylvania State University
Matthew Restall, Pennsylvania State University
Amara Solari, Pennsylvania State University

David Carey Jr., Loyola University Maryland
Guadalupe García, Tulane University
John Ochoa, Pennsylvania State University
Richard Stoller, Pennsylvania State University

Tatiana Seijas, Pennsylvania State University
James Woodard, Montclair State University


Sean Mannion, Duke University

Alex Borucki, University of California, Irvine (2023)
Guillermo Bustos, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (2020)
Mark Carey, University of Oregon (2021)
Isabella Cosse, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2021)
Marcos Cueto, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (2019)
Christine Ehrick, University of Louisville (2022)
Gisela Fosado, Representative of Duke University Press
Junia Furtado, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2020)
Keila Grinberg, Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (2020)
Claudia Leal, Universidad de los Andes (2021)
Jeffrey Lesser, Emory University, Representative of CLAH (2020)
Laura Matthew, Marquette University (2023)
Eden Medina, Indiana University Bloomington (2022)
Nara Milanich, Barnard College, Columbia University (2018)
José C. Moya, Barnard College, Columbia University (2019)
Adam Warren, University of Washington (2021)
Mikael Wolfe, Stanford University (2022)
Yanna Yannakakis, Emory University (2022)


Alberto Santiago Martinez: Project Leader, Site Design, Programming
Eduardo Javier Rivero López: Lead Programing

Photo Credits: Fototeca Nacional del INAH.  Núm. Inv. 428058.  “Indigenas rodean avioneta al pie de la pirámide del sol”
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